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A small segment from a big road trip.

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Im Katy and I'm based, born and bred in Suffolk, UK. Currently Im a waitress but its not the dream, its all for the pennies needed to go explore! My family on my Mothers side is Sicilian (Nana is from Syracuse) and I have family in other parts of Italy including Padova and the Calabria region, so growing up I had a fair few holidays over there! In 2006 a family road trip to Italy was meant to be two relaxing weeks of driving from Rome to Venice, with trips to Pompeii, Florence, Pisa and Verona on the cards. Of course it being a family holiday all most remember is the bickering and the argument to end all arguments as the grand finale on the last day, but I remember all the places we visited with such fondness and beauty, It was a contradictingly different holiday! Ive also been to France (Paris, Normandy region), Spain (Barcelona, Las Palmas and surrounding areas) and Edinburgh in Scotland, but my crowning traveling jewel was my American roadtrip across the entire USA. In Summer 2012 I took off on my own to San Fransisco to embark on a physical and personal journey. Id booked the trip in panic 3 days after my then boyfriend called it a day out of the blue and im forever thankful I said f#%k it and 3 months later I was on my way! My route through America took in San Fransisco, Yosemite NP, Las Vegas, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon NP, Roswell, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Washington DC, Philidelphia, New York City and everywhere in-between! It was the most overwhelming and life changing experience of my life and I've been addicted to the travel bug since. Although im currently a small waitress from a small town I have big dreams and big plans to constantly travel and write and photograph every single adventure. This is my life. Welcome :)

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