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Brotherly Love

My Scholarship entry - Brotherly Love

Kenya | Monday, 24 November 2014 | 4 photos

Photography has been a joy since high school. My camera became my journal while traveling (Nepal, Ireland, Latvia, and others). But living in Kenya for 4 years transformed how I saw photography. I worked with families living on the streets and with street children. There was such brokenness in sharing life with those who are hurting but there was also great joy, friendship, and peace. Words failed to express to family and friends back home my experiences there, but photography became a way to capture the simple beauties of everyday life and expose others to a world they may never see.
The art and beauty of telling stories with my photography is still very new to me. I deeply desire to draw out the raw experiences I see in my camera lens and translate it into inspiration for everyday life. In a world where we are more and more divided from each other and our differences are highlighted, I desire to share how we are similar. I desire to learn to use photography to bring hope, peace, and inspiration to those in my community and influence. Differences are easy to see, but our core humanity can give us a starting place for peace and even friendship.

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