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A hike through the Bruce Trail

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Canada | Sunday, 13 January 2013 | 5 photos

Hi! My name is Katrina. I am an aspiring artist from the eccentric city of Niagara Falls. Photography is my main drive in life. Being behind the camera and in front of it has expanded my horizons in a way I had hoped after capturing a beautiful sunset on a disposable camera - summer of '97 - I remember it clearly as if not a day has passed from that moment.
I stumbled across this site two days ago...and wanted to shout out loud how perfect of an opportunity this would be for me. Im an artist to the core so schooling never lasted long with my attention span and knowing that school can be a little too subjective for my mind....Ive always dreamed of travelling and capturing intriguing people, places and mother nature...instead of learning from text books and teachers who just cannot provide the full experience of the hands on approach you give.
Ive been brainstorming ideas this past year as to how I can advance my skills behind the camera - as well as travelling as much and as far as possibe. I cannot fatham how greatful I would be to be given this opportunity... Im just happy I made the deadline!
I stayed up until five thirty am searching my hardrives for the perfect example of a photojournalist's journey in five photos - that I thought was suited to compare to the up-coming trip. I punched out early from my day job just to run home and solidify my application.
I've thought of nothing else since researching your site...and if I were to be selected to go...you would not be dissapointed. I am very determined to evolve as a photographer...since observing is my number one skill. So thank you for creating this opportunity so that my hunger for international travel with a Canon in my hand enhances to the point where it fills me with understanding of what I would love to do with my life and that alone helps me begin to evolve.

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