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Roaming around a park in Oslo

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Norway | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

These photos have been taken in October, 2011 while I was just visiting a famous nude sculpture park; the Vigelands Park in Oslo, the capital city of Norway.

As a part of my keen interest in photography to capture moments that isn't noticed normally in our daily life, I took these pictures; a traveller passing by a souvenir shop near Oslo central station, activities of people among the nude sculptures in the park, a sparrow expecting pieces of bread to eat and at the same time ready to fly for safety and a bowl of common and easy Norwegian salad in a nearby restaurant.

Talking about me, I'm extremely interested to be in nature, learn things from nature by watching it from a different vantage point and share among people the value of nature. I'm a masters student of tropical ecology at the moment but my real interest is to be in nature and work as a photographer. I've lived my life without a camera even though I had such interest in me and finally when I got one now, nothing can be a great leap for me to earn a scholarship like this to pursue my career and dream both at the same time that can change my life forever.

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