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Kaitie & Caroline's Epic Journey of Super Awesomeness!

Kaitie and Caroline never learn!

CAMBODIA | Monday, 29 March 2010 | Views [474] | Comments [1]

After a day of walking around the Angkor Temples Kaitie and Caroline were apparently not tired enough. Please note that Caroline was limping for the last temple and the rest of the day as her knee decided to swell from all the walking and climbing while Kaitie was tripping over her own feet with every step due to exhaustion. However they decided that they would go out for a few drinks with their friend that that met in Phuket Thailand and Kaitie's cousin who was conviently also in the same foreign country. We should have known this would escalate as Kaitie and Caroline do not know how to just have a casual drinks with friends.

It was decided that the meeting grounds would be at the Angkor What bar for some starter cocktails. Kaitie and Caroline looked at eachother after their first drink when kaitie turned to Caroline took a picture and said "This is where we should have stopped drinking!" Prediciting an eventful night that was about to unfold.

After the gang had met up and a few cocktails on an empty stomach it was unanomously agreed upon that food intake "dinner" would be most appropriate. Thus we made our way to a random restaurant where we ordered some Khmer food and some pizza. Kaitie and Caroline had their first Angkor beer but not their last (although it probably should have been). After dinner we made our way back to Pub street where we decided to go have a few more drinks at the "Red Piano". This is apparently where Angelina Jolie likes to go when she is in Cambodia adopting another child LOL. Three more lovely pints here led Kaitie and Caroline wanting to request their song! "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey for those who really don't know us and thus should not be reading our blog LOL Somehow Caroline convinced Kaitie to run over to the other bar across the street, up stairs to request our song to a live band playing (really didn't take much coaxing as we were already  at the "journey" stage). PLease note this will not be the last time we get Kaitie to go request our song.

After enjoying the horrible live band and having an in depth discussion with our waitress why their religious symbols all have huge knockers (which then proceeded to the waitress commenting on Caroline's) we decided it was time to move on. Moving on yes but also back to the Angkor What bar as it started to pick up with the music and kaitie and caroline were told that this would be the best place for us to have our song played...(SOLD!) Never has Kaitie been so excited on our trip as the round of pints only costed a dollar! Kaitie and Caroline love Camboooooooodss!! As it is probably easily predicted those rounds of pints were quite frequent! Needless to stay after some persistence on Kaitie and Caroline's part of harrassing the bartenders to play our song ....it finally came on! Kaitie and Caroline immediately stopped what they were doing in mid conversation, hopped up on to their booth table and chairs and began to give their best performance. Please note the entire bar was just sitting in their booths enjoying their beverages with a very (we mean very) small crowd actually dancing to the music! This did not stop us. After the first verse we somehow inspired the remainder of the booths of people as well as randoms to stand up in their booths and join in the sing a long. HILARIOUS! Picture a bar full of random travellers all singing Journey like idiots because Kaitie and Caroline are awesome! This performance also inspired a singing battle between Kaitie and Caroline on one booth vs four guys on another. Singing LOL wait for it..........."I don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith. Kaitie and Caroline were absolutely amazing in their performance that they lost interest in the battle pretty quickly because the guys sucked and began singing to eachother ("CLASSIC") After some excellent performance it was time for a break as Caroline was losing her voice and we all needed some air.

THe group headed down the street to a convience store and food area where they were all of a sudden attacked by children. (please note it is about 2:30am- why are these kids still up). Luckily, the kids were easily subdued by Kaitie's cousin, as he was just in Korea teaching english to little kids. Kaitie and Caroline grew especially attatched to one adorably cute little cambodian boy who had a mullet and and was only wearing shorts, which were a tad to big for him. As we had previously discussed adopting a Cambodian kid like Angelina and naming him Maalox (due to stomach issues on our trip, we figured this would be a well suited name), we found no better time as to inact our plan! As each of us had one of his hands, and was swinging him back and forth, we asked him if he name was Maalox, in which he responded "yes!!" ...and we died laughing. We then asked him if he wanted to come to Canada with us. He agreed! ...we once again died laughing. However, we did not have so many pints as to actually steal a child and try to smuggle him across a border, so instead we parted with dear little Maalox, and gave him all our best wishes for the future. We still think of him fondly.

As if Kaitie and Caroline did not have enough to drink already the group decided to head to "Temple Club" for one last beer! As we all slowly felt the night catching up with us and realized we really did not need anything at that point other than serious amounts of H2O we parted ways in hopes of meeting in another country for a reunion. kaitie and Caroline made it back to their hotel safely just in time for our heads to hit a pillow instead of the floor. All in all the night was a success and memorable! The following day put the score at Cambooooods= 1million and Kaitie= contemplating death due to the worst hangover of the trip for her thus far!



Love all the pics and the stories are hilarious..keep on "stayin alive". I definately want to go to Thailand now. The weather looks amazing. Have fun and stay safe..xoxoxoxo

  pam Mar 29, 2010 4:02 AM



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