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Trip: Jypsie's Epic Adventures

There are [7] stories from my trip: Jypsie's Epic Adventures

Hot and Sunny Christmas! Not for me

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 13 Nov 2011 | Views [375]

its been a while since i have written in my travel journal and to be honest not a whole lot has changed. I am still living in Melbourne, in the same house. Working lots, still drinking lots of wine. although now its red wine opposed to the previous obsession ... Read more >

Live On the Edge

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 4 Oct 2011 | Views [246]

this afternoon i found out that im sub consciously addicted to being a klutz/doing really stupid things. When i first moved to Melbourne i went on a trip to Port Fairy i slide on some rocks and got dragged in the ocean, not only twisting my ankle but ... Read more >

The elements of Change!

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 26 Sep 2011 | Views [326]

When in Indonesia i asked numerous Australians where is the best place for someone like myself, who loves style and culture, but needs to be near the ocean. They all responded with Melbourne, in the state of Victoria. Luckily my friend Bonnie, who ... Read more >

Tags: australia, differences

Ditch the Itinerary - New York City

USA | Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011 | Views [223]

My first experience with travelling began when i was 19 years old. I Had never been anywhere apart from the West Coast of North America and decided that i was so interested in fashion i NEEDED to go to New York City. Realizing that if i made huge plans ... Read more >

4 months in Indonesia....

INDONESIA | Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011 | Views [284]

In 4 months in Indonesia i have Ate copious amounts of Nasi Goreng  Learnt to surf & became part of a surf crew Heard the words Massage and transport a million times Learnt to speak a new language Travelled to Lampung, Bandung, Jakarta , and ... Read more >

Tags: indonesia, nasi goreng

Find What it is that you seek!

CANADA | Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011 | Views [414] | Comments [1]

For those of you that know me well, you will know that i worked my butt off working a full time job and doing fashion school full time for the past few years. When i finished i had to make the decision between starting a career in Vancouver BC or travelling.... Read more >

Tags: fashion, jakarta

Please God give me Patience... but Hurry i'm in Jakarta!!!

INDONESIA | Thursday, 2 Jun 2011 | Views [501]

Jakarta Indonesia, a city im sure that is not on many peoples ideal travel list. The traffic here is the worst in the world, the constant pity beggars on the street, the overfilled polluted sewage that stinks up the city and the inability to wear tank ... Read more >

Tags: jakarta, patience