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About junglejane

On December 2014, I quit my job and began traveling through Latin America. I started in Cuba where I explored the island for a month and trottled south through the Central American continent settling in Granada, Nicaragua where I bartended for three months from March to May. While in Granada, I also  created a 3-day customer service training workshop for a popular restaurant and presented it in Spanish. 

As a freelance writer I have written fiction stories, travel blogs and I'm currently creating and editing advertising content for a law firm's social media platform. I've been traveling since January, picking up work wherever I choose to settle. If you need professional assistance with maintaining your Facebook Business page, Twitter, Linked or Instagram profile, I have time in my schedule for one more client. I work with my boyfriend who specializes in SEO and Grant Writing.


I am now in Costa Rica, I'll be in Panama by July and plan to settle in Colombia by August and settle there for a few months. Then I'll probably head down to Ecuador, then Peru... I am living the dream! As they like to say in Costa Rica, ¡Pura vida!

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