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Abroad and Beyond

About jporath

I grew up reading stories about this Hobbit and his adventures. I suppose I never understood why he wanted to keep on traveling and seeing the world until it happened to me. I finally understood what he was talking about. Wanting to see the mountains, wanting to step foot out the door once more...I got it.

And that's where I am. One foot out the door, ready to go, with just my coat and a sense of Adventure. I never expected to have this sense of growth that can only be found in travels and adventure; however I can say I'm glad I took those steps and I would do it all again. 

You see, there is this private intimacy you can only really discover when you set foot on soil, ground, land that is so utterly unfamiliar to you. You realize there is this thrill, fear, and hope when hearing words you know spoken in an accent you may not understand. Under all these feelings, you realize there is this great strength and sorrow in you.

It happened to me. I found strength and sorrow in myself as I traveled. Sorrow for the bittersweet death of who you once were, then strength for the new person you will and have become. The transformation of self is the transformation of understanding and acceptance. 

It’s who I am. Celebrating and mourning, I embrace the change and ideas of discovery each time I leave the door. I can only hope others can understand that it’s okay to be uncomfortable. It’s okay to be scare. What you do after those feelings is what will shape you.

I hope to study abroad once more. I wish that more than anything. Bit by bit I'm trying to earn my way back to England to earn my Master's Degree. I've been accepted and now in search for funds, I plan on going to Leeds. It is my hope to go there and learn and work. I need all the help I can get. That is my adventure on the horizon...I just need some help.

Good Night, Readers, Good Night.

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