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Elbo (elsewhere-bound) May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. I will be updating this journal on my adventures in Albania 05/06/13 - 05/09/13.

About josephuck

Joseph, 20. English writer and poet from Northampton, based in Preston. 

Student, single, athiest (with personal beliefs).


In 2011, between semesters, I hitch-hiked for three weeks around England, covering about 800 miles, living out of a tent and hostels. I am in the process of turning my journal into a semi-fiction travel book. It will most likely be an e-book unless I find a literary agent.


In 2012, my friend suggested we volunteer abroad. We did 6 weeks on an eco-project in Portugal, helping to revive scrub into flower gardens, this was followed by two weeks on a hippy commune. I plan to begin writing this book in October.


This summer (2013), I have organised a three month trip to the little understood nation of Albania, volunteering on a campsite. Based on the edge of a lake amidst incredible mountain scenery, I aim to write a travel book containing bounteous poetic prose. If I can create a piece of well-written travel fiction using my surroundings, I will use the product to propel my dreams of being a known travel writer.

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