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The Great Overseas Trip

Stuttgart & Deizisau : Sept 18 - Sept 25

GERMANY | Friday, 25 September 2009 | Views [424]

September 18

Today we flew into Stuttgart, Germany, took the train to Altbach and was picked up by Ulla - an old family friend of Lisa´s.  We did two loads of washing as all of clothes were well and truly ready for a good wash!  And best thing was that she had fabric softener and afterwards i even ironed ALL of the clothes (yes mum!).  Ulla did a card reading for me, and apparently i´m getting married haha!  Lisa´s were very boring, but apparently last time they said she was going to have kids, hehe!

Ulla LOVES to talk and so was very early in the morning before we got to bed!

September 19

Today we got up and went to a wedding! Was awesome! We got dressed pretty (or as well as we could with the clothes we were travelling with) and picked up a couple of Ulla´s friends and went to meet the bride.  She was absolutely stunning! The groom was def batting well outside his grade! haha...German weddings are a bit strange.  Everyone congregated at a central spot, then the bride AND the groom arrived in a wedding car, and then we all walked up to the church in pairs being led by a guy carrying a stick with flowers on it!

The service was nice, however i think the priest liked his own voice a bit as he spoke forever!  We left Ulla there to mingle and go to the reception while we walked back home.

September 20

This morning we had a lazy Sunday and then went to watch a game of Handball.  Was really awesome to watch, and am glad that i had tried the sport beforehand so that i understood what was going on, as i def couldn´t understand what people were saying.  Was very physical and the Deizisau team went down by 3 goals, but they put in a very good effort! We had a beer afterwards and then walked home.

September 21

We did absolutely nothing today and it was great!!!!!!!

September 22

We were supposed to go into Stuttgart today, but didn´t actually make it...Lisa went down the street and bought a new camera (her´s got wet in the ´dry´ bag when we went scuba diving in turkey, but it ended up being a wet bag), and then we caught the bus to the next town Plochingen and got on the internet to book our travel for Oktoberfest and to Nuremberg. Is pretty funny because all the towns merge into each other and i can´t tell that we are travelling into different towns! haha...is kind of like the way suburbs work, except they aren´t suburbs, but their own little towns!

September 23

Today we took a train to another little town called Tubingen to visit one of Lisa´s friends and her bf.  We watched her run a sports program for an hour for teenage girls and then went to the pub to watch the soccer and have some beers with her bf another girl and some of his mates.  Was nice and relaxing.  Then we headed home to bed.

September 24

Today Marietta (Lisa´s friend) had a practical exam for her PE course, so Chris her bf took us on a tour of Tubingen, including a very nice breakfast, and then to another town where just outside we drove up a hill and had lunch at the restaurant at the top which had an amazing view!  Tried some traditional german food, which was ok, then back to Deizisau.

September 25

Today we went into Stuttgart and saw the Mercedes/Daimler museum.  Was nice enough, but wouldn´t rave about it...it also went through other things in history that effected cars.  Back home and Lisa started to cook dinner...was a traditional German meal where you put melted cheese and meat and stuff on potatoes...Ulla came home and told Lisa she had cooked the potatoes all wrong - Germans are really pedantic about how you cook potatoes and is just crazy! - but i thought they tasted fine.  After tea, some of Ulla´s friends came around with there son.  He had come to say goodbye to Ulla as he was leaving to go to uni at Vienna in the morning.  After they left, Ulla did a card reading for me again, and again they said i was going to marry a rich guy...i don´t know about that, but at least it doesn´t say anything about kids! lol! 

We re-packed our bags, and Ulla dropped us off at the train station about 12.20am all ready for out 12.40am train to Munich!


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