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Worldwide | Sunday, 17 October 2010 | 5 photos

An idyllic hamlet nestled in between the rocky mountains of the Western Ghats of Southern India, the lazy village of Hampi lies in stark contrast to the vigor and excitement it once boasted of.

The five photographs have been exclusively captured to reflect the leisurely swiftness of the village which once flourished with regional activities. Villages like Hampi portray an old human being that once was young, inexperienced and bursting with liveliness and now is rather slow-paced and on the brink of bereavement and ultimately permanent ignorance. These photographs also pose a haunting question - are the mighty also bound by the infallible rule of gravity? Whatever goes up has to come back. Is invincibility just a myth after all?

The first image focuses on the opulence of Hampi which is now in the dark.

The second depicts the sustenance on tourism.

Another image tries to capture the curiosity of a parrot. There are a lot of shady places for the bird to perch on. It is saddening to see these temples of grandeur to be used in this way.

The centipede is symbol of obscurity, how the once regal empire has been reduced to its present ruinous state.

The weathered face of the old woman with its wrinkles and fine lines reiterate the story of the city. The once beautiful face of a young strong woman has been lined by the trials and angst of life.

Photographs only depict what is actually present there; they cannot show what was or what will be. These photographs show a transition to an impending doom. They are an analytical perspective of the urban cities and its milieu. Is the race for development really worth the resources we are wasting if all cities are going to end up like Hampi?

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