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Australia's Most Spectacular Landscapes

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 2 Dec 2014 | Views [972]

Despite being considered the most dangerous places on Earth, Australia can be proud to have also the most spectacular nature, from large, strangely-shaped trees, glowing lakes, unusual deserts to amazing tropics filled with wildlife. There are a lot ... Read more >

Tags: augustus, cave, jewel, landscape, mount augustus, pinnacles, tourism, travel

5 Cool Camping Survival Gear To Spruce Up Your Trip

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 7 Nov 2014 | Views [1939]

Going on a off-road vacation in the wilds of the Australian jungle is a tremendous challenge, if you are a newbie in the branch. Itchy skin, restless sleep, creepy noises and mosquitoes buzzing around like a Tiltrotor helicopter are no match for a 1st-... Read more >

Tags: camp, camping, gear, survive, trip

Secure Your House During Relocation

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014 | Views [378]

Weather you are relocating to a new house or simply going on a longer than the usual trip, you need to be aware of the dangers your absence holds for your property.   While traveling issues can be somehow handled with the help of a security ... Read more >

Tags: relocation

Melbourne - A Dream Came True

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014 | Views [473]

Our first trip around the wonderful city of Melbourne, that we currently live in since August 2014. We've never made our regular road trip around the main landmarks of this beautiful area, so on October 7th 2014, our journey will begin. The ... Read more >

Tags: melbourne, trip

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