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Preparing to go to Budapest, Prague, and Poland

HUNGARY | Friday, 23 June 2017 | Views [1059] | Comments [2]


Here's a few things I'm doing to prepare for my trip to Budapest, Prague, and Poland July 5, 2017.  These are things I would recommend for all Seniors traveling overseas.

- Make sure all of my personal affairs are in order (Will, trust, living will, advanced medical directives, life insurance, power of attorney).  Share the location of these documents with someone.

- Make arrangements for the pets and plants.

- Make sure my passport is current and is effective at least 6 months after my end date of travel overseas.  Check to see if any of the countries I'm traveling to require VISAs.  Make copies of my passport, VISA, credit cards, drivers license, etc., email them to myself and my family.

- Put in special dietary requests with the airline I'm flying on; request assistance at the airport if needed.

- Pack a neck pillow for the long plane ride; bring eye mask to sleep, ear plugs, ear buds to listen to music with.

- Get medically checked out before I travel to include dental.  Get required immunizations www.cdc.gov/travel, get extra prescription medications.

- Buy travel insurance before I depart.  

- Pack a small first aid kit with over the counter meds for the trip and bandaids/moleskin, hand sanitizer, suntan lotion.

- Research customs in the countries I'm visiting.  Research border crossing/customs restrictions for countries I’m visiting.

- Give a copy of my itinerary to my family before I depart.

- Bring family/friends’ contact information and addresses.

- Register my trip with https://step.state.gov/step/. 

- Get registered for TSA Pre-Check

- Turn on international calling/roaming for the duration of the trip.  Put my phone in the Airplane mode when not in use to avoid using data.  Turn on WIFI though.  Turn on data roaming when I need to use the internet.  Use www.free-hotspot.com to find hotspots around the world.  Use VOIP (Skype) to make phone calls back home once I arrive.

- Buy a power converter/transformer for my computer and other electrical devices at Brookstone.com or the airport.

- Download any/all apps I want to use while on the trip ahead of time.

- Re-confirm my flight departure, hotel reservations, and transportation reservations.

- Use a packing list to pack for the trip.  Don’t exceed 50lbs per checked bag.  Get luggage tags.

- Check in online if you can and print out your boarding pass (24 hours prior to flight).

- Arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before the flight.

- Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the flight; don’t wear new shoes.  Bring a sweater or light jacket.  Avoid advertising that you’re from America.  Wear a money belt.  Wear emergency alert bracelets.  Stash money in different places on your person and in your carry on bag.

- In carry-on, pack prescription meds, over the counter meds, current immunization records, passport, VISA, drivers license, foreign currency, 2 credit cards, debit card, itinerary, contact info/addresses for hotels you are staying at, emergency numbers, tickets you’ve purchased, hand sanitizer or baby wipes, emergency contact numbers, address book, travel journal, guidebook, maps, eye wear (glasses, sunglasses and prescriptions), neck pillow, ear plugs, eye mask, laptop computer, charger, transformer, cell phone, camera, GPS, book to read, movies to watch, hat, less than 4 oz of liquids, prescription meds in their original containers or with the written prescription.

- Make and carry with you an in case of emergency information sheet about your health conditions, emergency contacts, etc.

- Checked baggage: Pack portable door alarm, alarm clock, rain/winter coat, umbrella, multiple layers of clothes, personal hygiene supplies.

That should be enough to get me started 😊

Thanks for reading!


Joan Evans

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Great read packed with helpful info! You're right on with making copies of passport, VISA, credit cards, drivers license, etc - but I wouldn't email them anywhere. We just heard from a colleague in Greece that had his email hacked. The hacker found an email that was sent to a lawyer that had an passport scan as part of it (attached). Long story short the hacker was able to re-route/steal a $2000 contribution from a church in the US intended for refugee relief. So, like you say with your itinerary - make hard copies and give them to family/friend. One other item regarding credit cards. if you don't know your 4 digit pin code for the cards you bring, get them from the issuing bank. They usually have to be mailed to you. I think this might be changing a bit with chip cards becoming the norm, but it's not a bad thing to have in your memory. If you're trying to buy a train ticket from a kiosk/machine late at night when all the ticket windows are closed, and the machine asks for it, you'll be glad you have it.

  Brian - litte brother Jun 24, 2017 12:36 AM


Thanks Brian! I really appreciate it!!

  Joan Evans Jun 24, 2017 5:37 AM

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