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Haiti-My first Medical Mission I'm helping Midwives for Haiti to educate skilled birth attendants. Haiti has the highest mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. Here is where I will write daily journals of my adventure.

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Hi everyone,

Im excited to start my journey to Haiti on Nov 5th, 2016. I decided to write a daily blog so that my friends and family are able to take a peak at what Im doing on a daily basis if they so desire. I will tell you that there may be some things that I write about that you may not want to know. So please know that you may hear about hemmorhaging, seizing, unconscious, comatous patients or even death of babies and mothers. i hope I dont have to witness any of that but it is a reality in Haiti and that is why I want to get down there to educate the skilled birth attendants on how to care for mothers and newborns safely. Even if they are cared for safely, Haitians dont have the resources we do and still have a high mortality rate despite how much a person is trained. 

I welcome feedback and comments after you read my blog. It will help me to know that my family and friends support me and what Im doing in Haiti. Please comment and tell others what we are doing to help Haitians. 


Thank you,

Jessica Robbins, RN

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