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THAILAND | Sunday, 20 January 2008 | Views [827] | Comments [3]

Pai had some of the best and worst things of the trip so far. The best is its beauty and ability to turn you into the laziest bum alive. We planned on visiting some waterfalls and temples that took us a couple days to get up and do. When we got there we just wanted to go back to our bungalow and lie in the hammock the rest of the day. We met a European and a couple of Americans at our bungalow who never left the hammocks. They too were trapped by the laziness of Pai. At night we ended spending most of our time at the Buffalo Exchange which actually has a bar and a couple other bars that were open later. There was a certain routine and by the third night you feel like you know the whole town. Each of these bars have campfires set up where you drink your beers and chat with people next to the fire. We met a lot of cool people there. Its a total hippie town. The nights are very cold and the days hot. Its a beautiful place and its secluded from the hussle and bussle of cities. The worst of the trip was getting sick. We believe it was caused by the cook your own food style place we ate at in Chiang Mai before going to Pai. We ended up both getting an intestine infection from the food. Alex made a mess of the bungalow and I slept out on the hammock until morning came when I made my own mess. After not being able to move for a day or two I went to the hospital in Pai and got some medicine. The hospital checkup and 6 different medications only cost $7 american dollars. We did an experiment on who would get better faster. I took drugs and Alex did not. Im feeling better then he is now but I think we're both almost completely over it. After leaving Pai Alex hit a turn with a patch of dirt too hard on his motorcycle and slid across the ground. It cost him $7 dollars to repair the bike from the wreck. It cost another week of riding to repair the trauma it caused. After getting back to CHiang Mai we took a bus from CHiang Mai to Bangkok, picked up our Vietnam visas, and sent our passports back out to get our Indian visas. Then we took a flight to Phuket.

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Jeremy! A very belated Happy New Year to you.
sorry to hear about the stomach shenanigans-- that must have sucked big time. I definitely feel for you guys being that ill and on vacation. Have fun in Phuket.

Take care and keep on adventuring!

  Dante Jan 20, 2008 3:54 AM


Where is your photo on the elephant?

  Mom Jan 20, 2008 2:40 PM


I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! I am back in the real world and started work this week. When do you go climb the mountains? I cant wait to hear those stories!

  Sheila Jan 20, 2008 7:43 PM



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