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Australia | Monday, 14 January 2013 | 5 photos

I am Jennifer and am 20 years old. I love life, music and above all, I like to share important things with people by showing images of places or persons. My passion for photography is in terms of capturing emotions, feelings and thoughts that can show to other people the beauty of a multifaceted planet or the misery of a contrasting world. I want to improve my photographic techniques, because I realize how complex is for people to understand abstract concepts, and I wish to capture those things with my lens to share with people the emotions I have while taking the shoot.
My biggest dream is to see my photos published and know they have been able to touch someone's feelings, making a memory that last forever and have a thought on who our world can be seen from different angles.
I want to be the lucky winner of this great opportunity, because I have all the energy, passion and desire to learn everything in my power to capture images to share with everybody in this world my experiences of life and leave a positive message on people who could change the way to see our world through my photography.

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