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Vietnam's Hidden Charms Vietnam.. Bright lights and the bustle of a million scooters! Thriving modern city intertwines with French-colonial grandeur and traditional mystique. Uncover some amazing secrets here... Like a bowl of delicious Pho Bo noodle soup, topped with fresh ch

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Vietnam | Saturday, 3 September 2011 | 5 photos

Crisp white linen, dark mahogany wooden furniture, panama hats, Cuban cigars, Rum and coca cola. Palm trees, clean soft white beach sand. Ernest Hemingway, the Quiet American? Channel perfume, pearls and Audrey Hepburn two toned shoes. Colonial romantic life of yesteryear.. bring it on!
Luxury Safari tents on wide open Savannah plains or life on a Golf Estate just outside Brisbane.. Fact remain.. .. I'm a Colonial romantic.
I was born in Johannesburg, South African and we immigrated 10 years ago. It's so easy to pack a container with all your worldly possessions - the hard bit is 'redefining your roots'! I well remember starting my cheque book with #00001 mind you. That was liberation!
I've been married to the same wonderful bloke for close on 40 years. Been blessed with daughters who have only given me joy and love.
I discovered Vietnam.. and fell in love with myself again! From the tree lined boulevards brimming with a million mopeds, and amazing cafe culture, to the Markets or the quiet beaches. Vietnam amazes!
Her colors are brighter - more alive, from each alluring silk fabric found on Dong Khoi street in Saigon, to every water lily which blooms along your journey, from every French Colonial influenced building, still reeking of Colonial Charm, to her humble buffalo that is still used for mundane chores daily. To simply crossing the road being a huge challenge - and each new day brings greater discoveries of more of her hidden charms. Vietnam lures and charms.
My photography tells a story of some of the charms I discovered in Vietnam. Going forward?.. Why would I like to win? To get to record even more photo journals of my travels, across this beautiful world, exposing the true hidden charms and not the preconceived ones. I will continue to see that glass half full always, no matter what! Thank you.

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Market life - where buying the freshest of herbs for your Pho Ba is pure delight.. .. chili, mint, coriander, lime, kaffir lime leaves, crisp bean sprouts. ooh aah!

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