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Rollin' to Croatia on a bike

About jeanraphael


My name is Jean-Raphael. I am 23 years old. I am 190cm tall and weigh 85kg. I am swiss so I am supposed to speak 4 languages (French, German, Italian and Romansch), which I do!... don't... Which I don't. 

I am also supposed to:

  1. Work in a bank or be born rich and have no money problem at all, which I don't...
  2. Be happy everyday since I land here in the happiest country of the world... Well... Ok.
  3. Know everything about watches, milk and chocolate, which I don't. (But still I love milky chocolate! Does that count?)
  4. Have built a swissknife piece by piece as a ritual ceremony into the adult world... (Em what? O_o) It does happens in some remote places of Switzerland though.
  5. Eat fondue every week-end! Of course!... Not. Maybe once or twice a year only sorry.
  6. And many more...

Well, yes, as you have noticed it... I'm a bad swiss.

French is my mothertongue, I am fluent in english and have good basics in german and italian. (Not such a bad swiss to me!)

I wasn't born rich but in a middle class family, and like everybody else I've got to work to get paid. And get paid so that I can spend money... for sushi, white cold beers, gorgonzola pastas, rent, taxes?, mobile phones (soon not mobile anymore), taxes!, holiday in Greece and... More taxes... yeah... I don't like taxes.

When I am travelling and I want to avoid the swiss stereotype and remove the 1000 dollar bill stuck on my forhead (still looking for it by the way) I just say I'm french. But after all what I've heard about frenchies, I think I should find something else.

Anyway, we are both here for a reason and it is not to read the novel of my exciting existence. So here we go, as I like, cut the babla and jump straight to the point.


It all began on a cold day of January...