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Show Us your Craic! -'Australia'! John and Deirdra

Dirty protest

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 22 August 2008 | Views [1069]

Sunday was a write off, a DVD day if ever there was one. By the time Monday came around I was starting to notice something about our $50 a night double room (the cheapest- not only in Bondi, but anywhere we’d seen). There was some kind of mark on the wall next to where you lay your head on the bed.
Was it a stain?
I’d already asked them to move us to another room the previous day because there were plasters and a pair of pink knickers down the side of the bed in our last room.
“-It can’t be a stain, it looks like dirt.”
…Oh my god. (Pigeons were constantly at our window ledge and the clip to allow the opening of this window, I’d noticed, had been broken off.)
The penny dropped.
It was bird sh*t. …Bird Sh*t! -BIRD SH*T … ON THE FRIGGIN WALL!
Not only that, there were other patches like this on the other walls.
I started to freak –the OCD kicked in and the tissues came out.
“..T -Th -This is a f***in bird nest cell; F***ing birds are sh*ting on my bed –What is this? – What’s going on? Am I in a pigeon version of the Maze…?”
Having rubbed away the one by Deirdra’s pillow I was told to calm the f*** down and relax. “What did I expect? –It’s a hostel.”
Not my view, but I was willing to accept Deirdra’s point.

Needless to say we stayed cos it suited our budget, but if you’re looking to be impressed, don’t be afraid to look for accommodation elsewhere.

Having done another couple of trips to Circular Quay and missed, for the successive time, the free ferry to the Sydney Biennale on Cockatoo Island, we felt we’d made our peace and were ready to leave.

As we threw our stuff back into the van; the sun was out, the surf was once again breaking on Bondi beach and a man in overalls was spraying the Hostel with poison (protection against cockroaches). …I didn’t bother to mention the black pants I found under our bed.

We said goodbye to Mike and Kat and took off for the much promoted -Blue Mountains.

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