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The Art of Divination in Bangaan: Orpi

About januaryroads

I am often out into the wilderness harvesting complexities; but wakes up, happily, in my blue apartment. 

To me the world is a big open laboratory to explore. One can say that learning, relearning and unlearning are my passion.

On any given day, I juggle road trips, singularities, world views, hat tricks, canons, bento boxes, philosophical pets & antsy humans, green metaphors, play lists and other ephemera.

I don't believe in simplifying things to fit a world view, a specimen slide or an agenda.

I usually sniff out the orphaned middle. There are variables and unknowns that fence sit on the edge, nuanced between the extremes of yes and no. There are options, possibilities and ambiguities beyond what is certain.

Yes, road trips in Middle Earth must be mind mapped with Borg precision. There is much to assimilate.

PS: My website/blog: http://januaryroads.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html