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Magical moments

Passport & Plate - Magical muffins

Romania | Friday, 14 March 2014 | 10 photos

What you need:

First of all, you have to be enthousiastic about your recipe, full of joy and good energy!
• 5 eggs white;
• 100 g butter (at room temperature);
• 100 g ground sugar ( about 6 soup spoons);
• 100 g white flour ( about 6 soup spoons);
• The juice of ½ lemon;
• Grated rind of lemon;
• 100 g of chipped nuts;
• 1 teaspoon of baking powder;
• Few drops of almond essence;
• Coconut flakes & choco chips to decorate the muffins. ( if you only like it).


How to prepare this recipe
The alchemy

Roll up your sleeves and be ready to spread a lot of happiness and nice flavour inside your home!
From the very beginning, pre-heat your oven ( about 200 degrees Celsius).
Cream the softened butter and sugar together.
Add the juice and the grated rind of lemon. Mix it.
Add the flour, the bakind powder and the nuts.
Beat the eggs white thoroughly.
Add the eggs white into the creamy mixture.
Meanwhile, put baking cups paper in the special muffin tray.
With a soup spoon, pour the mixture in each baking cup.
In the end, decorate each muffin with flakes of coconut and choco chips.

Put the tray in the oven for about 20-25 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius.
You will be happy in the end; it was worth preparing it for those you deeply care about!
It’s a very easy to made recipe; 45 minutes are necessary to change your day! ( including the preparation and the cooking time).


The story behind this recipe
Little story

I like to spend nice time with my two children ( a 8 years old boy and a six years old girl).
And, most of it, I “stumble” in the kitchen. Of course, I try to gather here also my children.
Because we want diversity and tasty & fresh cookies.
We like to work as a team, and each of us has definite roles.
My little girl usually makes her pick. She decides on what we will prepare.
Then, we start on our adventure together. We very often say it’s all about magic: the softened
butter, the sieved flour, the lemon juice, the almond essence are the ‘charmed’ ingredients of our
magical muffins. The mixing process of butter and sugar is a slowly one; it needs patience, strong
arms and skilled hands. We have all of this, naturally!
Another hands will extract the lemon juice.
What a nice smell! We are on the good way; isn’t it?
The beating eggs is another process; each of them wants the same thing; to solve it, we keep in
mind who did it the last time ( it’s not too hard, because we prepare these muffins very often); we
keep on beating until a nice and bright white colour appears in front of us. Is magic, you can’t deny
it! And we made together!
I can’t put in words what a nice atmosphere is in our kitchen these moments: I love to see the smile
on their little faces, the satisfaction that they worked altogether.
My son, when he puts the mixture in the little baking cups often whispers “abracadabra! May
everything be allright!”
Many times I prepare this recipe without their precious help because I want to surprise them.
It’s a delicious, easy to made recipe and a sure ingredient of silent afternoons! Not only silent, but happy, for sure!
The muffins are always tastier when my two little wizards are with me, together in our magical lab!

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