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the real bolivia

BOLIVIA | Wednesday, 17 Jan 2007 | Views [396]

Ok. It seems my preconceptions were justified and I was not doing Bolivia a disservice at all. Having sat in the station for 3 hours after arriving 4 hours late, our train finally leaves Uyuni at 6 in the morning. 7 1/2 hours late. It gets worse. We crawl ... Read more >

Tags: I should have known better!

waiting game

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 16 Jan 2007 | Views [376]

Our last day in Uyuni pretty much resembles all the others. Our suite has to be the poshest room we´ve ever stayed in. Its actually got a 3 piece suite and is big enough to get lost in. We bump into Ben from New Zealand and he sows the seed in our heads ... Read more >

Tags: planes trains & automobiles

chinese sulphur

BOLIVIA | Monday, 15 Jan 2007 | Views [377]

As expected, these days are dragging on a bit. There´s feck all to do in Uyuni and the internet is so slow that even trying to while away the time is frustrating. Stil, we have managed to organise a few things, including accommodation in Brazil. It gets ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation


BOLIVIA | Sunday, 14 Jan 2007 | Views [313]

The first of what are likely to be 3 prety boring days. This is due to the fact that we have to wait until Tuesday to get the train out of Uyuni. There´s gonna be a lot of internetting, eating and drinkng interspersed with with periods of doing precious ... Read more >

Tags: Relaxation


BOLIVIA | Saturday, 13 Jan 2007 | Views [466]

After a shaky start (no hot water) we eat a decent breakfast (corn flakes!) and hit the road for Salar de Uyuni - the worlds highest and largest salt plain. We stop at a token crafts market on the way (as you always do here) and look around the worlds ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

the rail thing

BOLIVIA | Friday, 12 Jan 2007 | Views [324]

We leave La Paz for Uyuni and it´s a long day of travelling. A 3 1/2 hour bus journey followed by a 7 hour train journey. An actual train! In South America! So good to be on a train. With a dining car and everything. A real novelty to eat a half decent ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road


BOLIVIA | Thursday, 11 Jan 2007 | Views [306]

With the amount of stuff we´ve bought and sent home we could open a shop. Albeit a small shop catering solely for hippies. Strangely, even though we´ve had 8 days in La Paz it hasn´t really become boring (despite the lacklustre journal entries - note ... Read more >

Tags: Food & eating

walk etc.

BOLIVIA | Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007 | Views [358]

Walk, walk, walk. Rain. Walk. Eat. Walk. Rain, rain. Taxi. Walk, walk. Eat................................................................... ...................................................................... ................... walk, walk. Eat.... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

more shopping

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 9 Jan 2007 | Views [423]

For a change its me who goes shopping: a hoodie for about 8 quid and a good pair of hiking shoes for about 40. Bolivia is cheap! Looks like we´ll be sending more stuff home. A bad day for Sonya who seems to have come down with something like my affliction.... Read more >

Tags: Shopping


BOLIVIA | Monday, 8 Jan 2007 | Views [325]

26 kilos. A good guess. 900 Boli´s to post which is about $112 i.e. bloody cheap. Will be a novelty to get home and open bags of goodies. Again I find myself sitting in a doctors waiting room. Why is there never anything for men to read in waiting rooms? ... Read more >

Tags: Doctors, hospitals & health


BOLIVIA | Sunday, 7 Jan 2007 | Views [329]

An uneventful day. Packed two massive bags full of things bought over here. There must be 25 kilos if not more. I don´t know how we do it. That said, I guess we would have to spend hundreds to get the equivalent stuff at home. Here, you spend a fraction ... Read more >

Tags: Shopping


BOLIVIA | Saturday, 6 Jan 2007 | Views [348]

A change of fortune. We leave one of the worst places we have stayed in and move to a cheaper, nicer and much kitscher place. Lake view photographic wallpaper and all manner of mismatched decor. Great! Hit the markets in a big way today. So much stuff ... Read more >

Tags: Markets

liking la paz

BOLIVIA | Friday, 5 Jan 2007 | Views [298]

A good day. Kinda. Bought (dodgy) software on the street for about a quid a go. You can buy anything on the street here. Anything. Found a good doctor. Ate some killer lemon meringue at a German restaurant. Have to extend our stay in La Paz and wait for ... Read more >

Tags: People

La Paz

BOLIVIA | Thursday, 4 Jan 2007 | Views [344]

On the way to La Paz. Planning to stay a few nights so hopefully time to get things sorted especially my health. Looking forward to seeing the worlds highest capital city. Will look for some trinkets and send home. Witches market should be interesting, ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road


BOLIVIA | Wednesday, 3 Jan 2007 | Views [376]

Sick again. Funny how being away from home seems like the best thing ever until you fall ill. And they have diseases here you really don´t want to get. I´ve been fighting a parasite ever since we arrived in South America and the novelty has long since ... Read more >

Tags: Doctors, hospitals & health

killer walk

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 2 Jan 2007 | Views [293]

A hearty breakfast and we hit the road for an 18km walk to Yampupata where there are boats to isla del sol. The ´3-4 hour walk´turns out to be a gruelling 5 1/2 with the sun beating down and the lobster skin to prove it. Annoyingly we get half way to ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

feliz año

BOLIVIA | Monday, 1 Jan 2007 | Views [362]

A ´non´day and necessairly so as a result of our New Years hangovers. Funny how we start each new year the same way: buckled. Thankful to have the refuge of ´La Cupula´to spend the day at. Watched About Schmidt and Eternal Sunshine, ate soup and relaxed ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

puno to copa

BOLIVIA | Sunday, 31 Dec 2006 | Views [292]

Tracing the shoreline of beautiful Lake Titicaca we make our way from Puno (Peru) to Copacabana (Bolivia), which is not the hottest spot North of Havana. However, we shall be visiting the actual place mentioned in said song in the near future. As we near ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

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