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My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | flickr photos

Compressing your individuality into a paragraph is no easier than photographing a landscape: no amount of photos can ever portray the whole reality. In the center of my frame, I stand as a contradiction.

I am a modern city girl who breathes technology, studies visual design, sips soy lattes, drives an eco-friendly hybrid and buys too many shoes. My favourite place in the world is a WWI homestead in the Australian outback and a world away from that life. There is no running water, no electricity, the floorboards fall apart, swallows live in the kitchen, rabbit shooting is a necessary hobby and, just recently, the outhouse blew over. Give me a dusty quad bike; a tank of fuel, an open track and a full camera battery any day!

I am an academic who dreams of adventures filled with culture, travel, laughter and creativity. Yet, I thought the life of a travel photographer was too good to be true even with my motivation, determination, desire to continually learn and fresh enthusiasm for new challenges. But the Travel Scholarship made me realize that such a dream could be within my reach.

Truth be told, I only picked up a DSLR 4 months ago. I am a novice photographer. But I see the world differently to most: my eye forms frames in a landscape, my penance for details finds what others misses and an undying stubbornness overcomes technical disadvantages. Photography is still an unexplored passion for me and I love that it captures a single unique moment in time. It builds pathways for our memories to return to that moment. It has a timeless elegance that captures the world’s diversity and reveals it for all to see.

So, why should I be accepted? Put simply, I have the most to learn, the most to gain and the passion to apply it.

Thank you.

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