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India | Monday, 3 December 2012 | 5 photos

Intoxicated is the best to describe my passion for photography.
I started photography at 17 yrs and always had a camera with me, but never took it serious enough as i always thought that i was not a good enough photographer.
I am a late starter as they say and also self taught, which sometimes is painful as i am not very technical and i have and still am learning the hard way.
I also feel this is the moment in my life i need a mentor as my passion burns inside and i long for more knowledge, as i feel i have the ability to become a better photographer, with stronger images.
My weak spots are the technical site and the editing process, the submission process to magazines and captioning.
With this knowledge i would like to work for Humanitarian Organizations, NGO's etc and try to help them with my images, hoping they can make a difference and can send out a message.
I love people and have the gift to blend in easily, these moments are precious and i want to capture these moments, in silence, than again i want to get these stories published and i look for those assignments but as i said before, this is the moment i need a mentor and i would be so honored if this could be Jason.

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