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winter memories in Russia

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This is your life, and its ending one minutes at the moment. A stinging thematic message that always push me to go beyond to enjoy life in freedom. Traveling and adventure is another expression of living the Freedom, at least for me. World is a book and those that not travel, read only one page” a quote from St. Augustine which encourage me to read the pages as much as possible. Discover who am I is about to discover the planet that I am living on. Through my heart and eyes i see something else about the world, is not about my job, career, money, status in society, school, others perception or even how do i look. Every time I found my self on every trip I had, it’s always bring me a new perspective and idea about life that always remind me that I am free, I can be nothing but myself. this is reason that lead me to live my dream to travel the world and read page by page. To travel the world seems impossible at beginning, for i am not a billionare nor a millionare, especially for me as an Indonesian regular citizen. First i don’t have any idea wheres to start but i kept preserve my dream and now i can see the door is wide open for it. I can see dreams and reality is getting closer to each other.I have joined few travelers community a place where all the travelers all around the world share their life, home and experience, through many members that i hosted, visited and travel with their life and experience was inspire me a lot. I know this journey is possible, it will be the most precious moment in life and will last forever. This is the time to personifying one of my biggest dream and wishes "Indonesia on a wheel" a tour around the world riding a motorbike. I do realize this kind of traveling is not that easy, it might be the most risky wishes of mine but the passion inside is bigger than anything else. Traveling is a calling to learn about life and how to live it., world and myself i would like to inspire others, i want to capture every single moment as an unforgettable memories with peoples all around the world, afterward i would like to experience how people from a different world interact to each others and display them to the world i want to represent Indonesia to the world and show how the world to Indonesia.

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