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Hello, my name is Lisa Varley and I'm currently a University student studying biological sciences in Chicago. Tired of cloning DNA in the lab, last year I decided to break free from tradition and study abroad in the Australia as part of our university’s honors program fieldwork project. Although writing daily journal entries started as a compulsory homework assignment, I learned to enjoy it almost immediately. Sharing the contents of our journals with other backpackers served as an excellent table talker and I became obsessed with finding interesting ways to share my travel.

By the end of my stay in South Pacific, my project evolved from a little black notebook into an overstuffed scrapbook, filled with tales of discovery, moments of insecurity, photos, comic strips, a dictionary of Australian English words, and bizarre stories about close encounters – like snorkeling into a harem of pink and blue transsexual fish as big as your dad. (Don’t believe me? Google the Eastern Blue Groper.)

Since my return to the U.S., I’ve had the pleasure of publishing several poems and short stories The Toucan and OPUS literary magazines. I’ve also been refining my writing style over the course of this year, focusing on the emotional outreach and demographic writing. My background in the sciences has helped me develop an eye for detail, critical thinking skills, and a vast knowledge of exotic flora and fauna have admirable tools in the past and would treasure the opportunity to use them in the field again.

If WorldNomads.com selects me as the winner of their Travel Writing Scholarship to Southeast Asia, I would be incredibly excited because this would be perfect opportunity to become immersed in the travel journalism industry. I have been dying for a chance to travel back to the south pacific and would be most excited to embark on the Burmese food odyssey with Tin Cho Chaw in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve been dying to meet her ever since MasterChef: Australia participant Callum Hann recommended her cookbook during a live demonstration at Macquarie University.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your competition and good luck to all the contestants in this year's 2012 Travel Scholarship Competition!

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