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The Kid !

My Scholarship entry - The Kid

Egypt | Monday, 14 January 2013 | 5 photos

Since I was kid I used to look to things from different perspectives & I have always been curious about anything I see.

My father's Yashka was the 1st film camera I ever used when I was a kid. I didn't know how to use all its capabilities or even their meaning. I just used to click to capture a moment or a scene & keep it in real album.

Later on I got a simple film camera then I moved to the digital world, though I kept using the auto options. In 2009 a friend explained to me more photography concepts. Since then I started to read & learn more.
I like abstract photography coz it speaks to the mind & soul. I also like landscape & people from different cultures or in meaningful contexts.
I like to see a message in the photo, I like the photos that make people think & I like creative photos.

I also like the desert & the nature. I traveled to Siwa & went to Sinai for hiking & it was a great experience to know other cultures inside my country, contemplate & take great photos.

I am very excited about this scholarship as it put everything I love together; photography, travelling & learning. And I'd be honored to join you.

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