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Isla de Higantes-Iloilo's Hidden Paradise (Part 1)

Philippines | Sunday, 2 June 2013 | 15 photos

Islas de Gigantes – also known as Higantes Group of islands that are located 12 kilometers east of the town of Estancia but considered as a part of the town of Carles, Iloilo. The Gigantes Islands used to be known as Sabuluag or Salauag after an endemic tree species found in the islands. But as for its modern name “Gigantes”, there are varying versions as to why this came to be. The most common element among all these stories is that during the Spanish colonial era, some caves were were explored in the islands and there, some coffins were discovered which supposedly contained enormous human remains. And since this happened during Spanish times, the Spanish word gigante (giant) came to be applied to the islands. It is composed of the following:

• Islas de Gigantes Sur
• Islas de Gigantes Norte
• Uadayhon Island
• Antonia Island
• Cabugao Gamay
• Bantigue Sandbar
• Gaket Gaket Island
• Balbagon Island
• Molupulo or Seagulls Point
• Pulupandan

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