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Life in the Red City A trip to Marrakesh is a trip to a city of contrasts, where history commingles with modernity and wealth and poverty come face-to-face.

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Morocco | Friday, 11 January 2013 | 5 photos

I’m an Engineer & I work in Social Media. I started photography 2 years ago as a hobby. But to me it’s more than a passion. It’s a tool to discover beauty of our universe and elegance of life. And with this tool I have the power to freeze a moment in time and spread it everywhere. So I started to use it as a message to show diversity of life, culture and beauty of our planet. I`m also a blogger and I have a dream of combining my writing skills with photography skills to build a reference (book or website) to show beauty as never seen before. This trip will be a wonderful push to my dreams.
Although my experience in photography is 2 years only as a hobby, I gained a relatively good success in contests and exhibitions. And this trip will help me a lot to turn my passion into a full time work.

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Jamee Al Fanaa : It`s Ali Baba’s cave in the heart of the red City !.. All kinds of objects can be found here, from traditional Moroccan slippers and spices to pottery and leather goods.

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