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My Scholarship entry - Nature

Slovakia | Monday, 24 November 2014 | flickr photos

My name is Lucia Belisova, I am form Slovakia. I am living in England 8 years, and started to study photography last year at Rotherham College.
Why I should be chosen?
Because I love photography, it is my passion and addiction.
I wist travel and take pictures, pictures about people, cultures, nature, wildlife, global or local problems. I want to express mine and others feelings by pictures and changing people lives, opinions, points of view. My other passion is hiking, because of photography I decided to apply for mountain-climbing course for next year, even if I am scared of highs. I just love it and I want to take every opportunity to get closer to my dream. I wish to work for national geographic, it is my dream. Hopefully it will became true once.
To win this competition will mean life to me, It will be something unbelievable and important to me, because of experiences I could get.
I thing I will be good candidate, because of my willing and love to photography. I just can't imagine myself to do something else in future.
This opportunity will help me to get closer to my dream, that is why I should win, it will mean everything to me.

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