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Hemley Gonzalez

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My name is Hemley Gonzalez; I am a man of the world and an instrument of change.

My grandmother risked her life when she left Cuba and migrated to the United States during the 1980 Mariel Boat-lift that took place between the Havana harbor and the Florida straits. By doing so she gave me and my family opportunities we never had.

My parents too risked their future and careers when they decided to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps in 1989 to save me from what undoubtedly would have been a life of lies, misfortune and disappointment in the communist island.

I began my real estate career in Miami Beach directly out of high school and became one of the leading real estate brokers in the United States by successfully selling affordable properties in an environment often marked by luxury and greed. Selling real estate became surprisingly (and much to my delight) a curriculum in psychology, humility and social dynamics - a fusion of knowledge and experience unlike any that can be taught in a classroom.   

Because of its nature, my work in real estate drives and fills a great deal of my life with purpose and meaning. Over the years I have developed a virtual marketplace which helps thousands of buyers and sellers connect directly for the sale and purchase of affordable properties.  For details, please visit: http://www.affordableproperties.com

During the real estate market collapse of 2007, I decided to take some time off and get in touch with my compassionate and creative side. It was then I took a backpacking trip for several months throughout India. While volunteering for an international charity and traveling through the different regions of the country I finally reconnected with my long lost love of writing, and discovered a new passion: photography.

I uncovered a scandal inside this particular international charity involving serious medical and financial negligence and was inclined to report the abuse I witnessed. To learn more, visit: http://www.stopthemissionariesofcharity.com

The experience of volunteering within an organization marked by egregious fraud inspired me to create a better way to help people overcome poverty and lead a healthy and happy life. Thus ResponsibleCharity.org was born: http://www.responsiblecharity.org

I am an ardent advocate of personal and social responsibility. Society, like everything else in the universe, is constantly expanding from the consequences of our collective actions.  The sooner we recognize this and act on it positively, the quicker our problems as a civilization will begin to dissipate.

I have many heroines/heroes; they are everyday people, challengers, iconoclasts, egoless defenders of poverty, movers, shakers, disabled individuals, animals, free spirits, thinkers, artists, musicians, philosophers, honest politicians, simple people, smart people, complicated people, global nomads, and positive people. All kinds of influences move me. You'll find me often humbled by good manners, altruism and simple things that usually go unnoticed by many.

I am happiest when I find myself traveling the world and meeting friends with whom I can engage in conversations and lengthy discussions about fixing the world, sustainable practices, ecology, writing, animal rights, international mysteries, iconoclasts, astronomy, quantum physics, coffee, the sea, charities, altruism and solutions to eradicate poverty and the end of suffering for all sentient beings.

I can’t begin to quantify the level of gratitude I have for my family, friends and co-workers, they are an endless supply of love and support.



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