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Dubai 2010

My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

United Arab Emirates | Tuesday, 8 January 2013 | 5 photos

Growing up in Albert Canada my father was a diesel mechanic who liked photography. His photo of a tractor silhouetted against frozen earth showed me how a camera can transform real life into surreal.
I’ve completed courses in B&W Photography & Dark Room, RMIT Art Diploma & RMIT Bachelor Degree in Commercial Photography.
My 1st day at RMIT I said I wanted to be a Nat Geo photographer, to my surprise so did everyone else! I receded away from the unobtainable NG photographer & leaned towards the attainable fashion & hair industry.
5 years ago I finished the degree & I feel my innate photography spark is slumbering. I’m not a practicing photographer; in fact I do 1-2 jobs a year, usually a friends wedding or a competition entry for a local hairdresser.

I’d like to win this mentoring opportunity to revive my inspiration.

I want to work hard & have aching muscles to produce photos that speak about that place on Earth. I want to translate how the world looks through my intuitive & empathetic eyes. I have the skills & the knowledge to shoot photos; I just need mentoring when it comes to documenting in the field under strenuous conditions & getting up close to people.

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