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Snow Monkeys: Cooler than every other kind of monkey. Bar none.

About helloimlost

I like, no love, procrastinating. Like now, doing this rather then an assignment that I have to hand in tomorrow. Or, I guess, procrastinating in the form of degree collection rather than growing up and getting a full time job. Or moving to France ! Or starting my own Falabella farm !! Or many other exciting things.

I love to waste money and travel and I would travel a lot more if I didn't continually waste all my money (on things I ABSOLUTELY need). J'adore le français et je l’étudie depuis 13 mois. Je trouve ça très difficile ! Mais, un jour, je voudrais déménager à Paris...

I love old lady things. I love tea. I love bread. I love my dog Bono and my new cat Annabella. I love to play favourites with my pets. I love sunny days and baby animals and crunching gravel and dry leaves. I love sleeping, I love photos and I love living in the past.

I love to read, biographies, childrens stories, ridiculous things on the internet. I love wine. Especially mulled wine. And white wine and rose. I love the smell of leather and vanilla and jasmine and the Pier Street carpark because it reminds me of Paris. And the smell of old books !

I don't love doing assignments. They can die.

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