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Super Duper Yummy Traditional Dish of South Sumatera

Passport & Plate - Brengkes Tempoyak Patin

Indonesia | Tuesday, 3 March 2015 | 6 photos

1. 1 Catfish/Iridescent shark fish (1/2 kg)
2. Some of Tempoyak
3. 20 stems of red chili
4. 7 Shallots
5. 7 cloves of garlic
6. 4 grains hazelnut
7. 1 vertebra turmeric
8. 2 stalks lemongrass
9. 1 tomato
10. 2 bay leaves
11. A few leaves of basil
12. Some of salt
13. Some of sugar
14. Some of banana leaves for wrapping


How to prepare this recipe
Clean the fish and cut into two parts. Combine chili, onion/shallots, garlic, hazelnut/nutmeg, turmeric and mashed them together until smooth texture. Add salt and sugar to taste. Then, the delicate seasoning mix with Tempoyak. After that, set up as a banana leaf wrapping. Place the fish fillets into a banana leaf, divided into two parts. Then, coat with the spice mixture tempoyak. Before it closed, enter crushed lemongrass also bay leaves and basil leaves. Neatly wrap and steam for 15 minutes. After that, Brengkes Tempoyak Patin ready to be served.


The story behind this recipe
South Sumatra Province, where I live is one of the three largest durian producing provinces in Indonesia. At harvest time, sometimes the demand is not proportional to the amount of production so much durian harvest wasted. Fortunately, people around successfully cultivate durian be Tempoyak the way in fermentation. In addition to delicious, of course it is advantageous in terms of economy. Residents earn money from this Tempoyak processing.

Indonesia consists of 33 provinces and very rich in culture. Including culinary riches. We are so proud because Brenges Tempoyak Patin be a part repertoire of culinary riches of Indonesia.

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