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Here and Now I'm a photographer and these journals are a combination of transcripts from a contemporary diary, and writing on reflection. With each journal there are accompanying images, the focus of any of my trips.

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Shameless self-portrait

Shameless self-portrait

All travellers connect with the places they're in, on some level.  Even the tourist in a tour group sporting bermuda shorts, an excess of suncream and, of course a camera round the neck, will experience an emotional connection with wherever they are.  You might tell friends, “it was amazing' or "I've never seen anything like it", but how can you really show someone else that connection, to try to get them in some small way to feel what you felt when you were there.  

Through photography I try to capture the mood of places and portray what my emotional response to these places was.  After years of visiting places and never feeling quite satisfied, I now try so see places.

The world is full of awe-inspiring, memorable and breath-taking places, and not always far afield.  My goal is to understand and capture what makes them so.   

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