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Hello! My name is Jessaca, I have a passion for travel and a love of culture! When I was in high school I traveled abroad for the first time and fell in love with Italy. I came home, graduated from high school and pursued my Bachelor's Degree, at first interested in studying Criminal Justice but eventually majoring in Social Work with a focus on youth work. Before my undergraduate education ended, I postponed graduation to participate in a study abroad program in Costa Rica where I could learn Spanish and volunteer simlultaneously. I loved the girls we worked with at the orphanage and I was enlightened to how much I thrive in a country that moves to a slower pace. "Pura Vida"! I came back home a little disoriented and unable to jump back into the typical fast-paced, live-for-work lifestyle in the US. I worked at a few different schools and treatment facilities, always excited to work with the youth but always questioning the system I was working within. I chose to quit my jobs and travel again, this time landing in Guatemala. Words can not express the amount of acceptance and learning I experienced while I was there. Between these experiences, and the few others I've had abroad, I've become determined to make traveling a part of my professional life. I am currently in a Master's in Social Work program where I am focusing on Community Organizing and I plan on later potentially pursuing a further degree in International Law & Policy. Currently, my plan thusfar, is to join the Peace Corps to immerse myself in a South American community for two years to work with them on community development. I would like to one day work for the United Nations or some other international organization that works towards strengthening international human rights through advocacy and community mobilizing.

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