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My Scholarship entry - Short trips

Philippines | Wednesday, November 19, 2014 | 5 photos

I am unemployed for 6 months now. In my past years, I worked as a media practitioner in one of the Broadcasting networks here in the Philippines. I worked as a segment/field producer. I love my job for it gives me the perks to travel and wander. Everything is just fine when we experienced work inconvenience due to some mismanagement issues. For someone who has been so passionate of what she does, it felt like the world collapse before my eyes when I decided to leave the company. I came depressed and all that. Photography and travel salvaged me from crashing to a deep pit even more. It feels like I see a different dimension with taking photos and exploring different territories.

My Mom hates what I am doing. She hates my photography only because she believes there's no money and future in it. Especially when you live in a society where only those who has titles before or after their names are the ones who prosper. I want her to change her perspective in photography/wandering. It's never about money for me. It's about having the guts to show everyone that a small piece of passion can make the world a better place. I want to learn more in photography and share my learnings. :)

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