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Nothing Beats Love at First Sight

Philippines | Monday, 14 January 2013 | 4 photos

"What does life want from me?"

I ask myself everyday.

Just last year, I have risen what I have killed for the larger period of my life - art. My childhood was spent with colors but has to kill all those down when I "grew" up and was taught that it won't bring me any "success in life".

So I took the road of entrepreneurship with sales and marketing. At a time I thought that I already have it, but something was missing.

That's when I started digging myself up, and found my lost love of the arts. Worked up my Media services where I do video editing. And everything fell in place. But it was last December when photography came and swept me off my feet.

I met this shy photographer in our city who changed my life just by teaching me 3 things:

1. Use Manual Settings
2. Learn to rely on your camera, not on your software
3. Moments Matter

Since then I never let go of my camera.

I shared my photos, and I'm still humbled how people appreciated them! If they only knew that I'm just a super newbie.

Today, I find myself in this page at worldnomads.

"What does life want from me?"

If I win, then that what life want from me.

And it would also be a life that I would give back.

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