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First impression of Ghana

GHANA | Tuesday, 20 December 2016 | Views [407]

When I got to the gate for my flight to Accra I felt like an outsider for the first time in a long time. It was a weird feeling and to be honest I had some doubts, was this such a good decision?! But by the time I reached my seat in the plane all that flew away. The guy sitting next to me was very polite and nice, they all were. It was a nice change to actually talk to the people next to me instead of sitting quietly as we Finns normally do. 

The flight was really okay, we got a lot of food and all was good! 👌 I watched a Dutch movie for the first time and had a good trip 😊
By the time we reached Ghana I was a bit scared of what they would ask me in the passportcontroll and the wait (Forever!) didn't help out but again I wouldn't had to worry since they really didn't say anything than "you can go" in the end 😅
It was such a relief to have passed without trouble so the crowed that waited outside, the heat and the countless questions "need taxi miss?" didn't bother me at all. I found my transport, or they found me and it turned out that we were 3 girls arriving at the same time so that was a Nice surprise 😊
The drive to our "introduction house" was long and even though it was dark it all looked so different, the roads looked like they have been massive amounts of rain making them look like roads straight from the woods or even from a cartoon movie - but our driver was very good 😊💪
Even though I was super tired some things that really took my attention was that the police were standing by the road and as we passed our driver turned on the lights and the police inspected us with his flashlight, not sure if it made me feel safe that the check or worried that they have to check?!
Another thing was the Young children selling stuff by the road, in the dark... Such a different world we are living in. 
By the time we reached the house it turned out that the power was gone - welcome to Ghana they said, it happens a lot here 😅 Luckily I had packed a flashlight so it went alright. My roommate had missed her flight so I got the big bed and the Room to myself - which was quite nice I must admit. 
Even though I was tired, couldn't really sleep on the plane I had a hard time falling a sleep and when I finally did the power came back on and the fan woke me up 😅
By 5 am the animals were up an by 7 am I was time to get up for the first real introduction day. We started with breakfast; eggs, Tea and bread and after a short information session we went on our first cultural outing! More on what we did on that later, now time for dinner! 
Ghana, so far really good!
// Hanna 

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