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Trip: tarvel photography scholarship to south africa

There are [2] stories from my trip: tarvel photography scholarship to south africa

watching roads

EGYPT | Friday, 23 Sep 2011 | Views [357]

I've thought that rod could be much marvellous, walking aimless in the streets watching roads is the most amazing thing to do. looking at people faces, listen to the streets music the mixed noises that makes you feel like you are listening to one of ... Read more >

Photos: Cleopatra bath

EGYPT | Friday, 16 Sep 2011 | Photo Gallery

This gallery is for cleopatra bath, the place where she used to take her relaxing bath. It is the first bubble bath made by nature in the world and was dicoverd by cleopatra herself. Its a bath full of hot sea water pushed through ahole inside a giant ... Read more >
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