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My Photography Scholarship 2011 entry

Photography Scholarship 2011

Worldwide | Tuesday, 15 November 2011 | 5 photos

I'm the person who had the character and have a strong to willingness made the good photograph. I could see the best angle from the object. I had hobby traveling that certainly regarding to photography. This hobby was carried out by me from since I was a kid, because of being the hobby from our family. I liked to go on a trip or traveler by bringing my camera. I used Canon and Nikon Camera.
I was happy the photograph landscape, the animal and human interest. I enjoyed to be waiting for hours to get moment that was exact so as to get the composition, angle, and POI that was good. I also was happy held an experiment that was new to change a photograph in order to become the photograph that look fresh and interesting was seen both through the manual and digital imaging. I was studying the Infra Red photograph , I like the false color of Infra Red Photography. The Black and White Infra Red photograph was very dramatic to be enjoyed. The most Point Of Interest I liked to be the Coast and the Ocean. I liked the clean coast and white sand. Recently I was studying the underwater photograph. I liked the underwater photography because the challenge and the colorful of underwater sight.. I really loved photography because I felt with photography could make my life more passionate and I liked the challenge. I liked to make the photograph that had not been thought about by someone. I liked to make the photograph that was unique with. I also had blog for my photograph, I want to showed to the world about places that I had been visited by me and what once I was tough and shared. My blog is : www.gunadiphotoworks.wordpress.com. That all description about my self and why I deserved to get the scholarship.

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