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About guillandphotography

The most important is to share time with people to get rewarding results in mutually advantageous collaborations.

I grow up in France. I studied one-year photography in South Africa. I have been one of the luckiest people to see the raw beauty of fish river canyon, Annapurna trek and diving in Havelock Island. It is a gift to be able to do this. To rich this beauty you have to put physical efforts and this make everything special and unique. The wonder to record and photograph just makes all senses to you; it is always the primer objective when you love photography.

As an emergent photographer I strongly need to learn and experiment photography from different perspectives. To be able to do this, I have to assist different master of photography. I always have the curiosity and the need to learn from other. It is the best school of photography and life.

“I found what I love. I love making photographs telling stories, reflecting people’s lifes. It is hard to keep going as an emerging photographer sometime but there is no way to quit. This is why you have to work hard on what makes you happy, a live and proactive. This is why I give myself a chance to be part of Greenland project”.

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