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Around The World in 8 Months

About gorejess

Well I'm Jess, and I'm taking a break for the year from studying to travel with my sister. I'm currently doing a double degree in arts and education, to eventually become a teacher. I'm an amateur photographer as well, which is part of the inspiration for me to travel. I have been to 8 countries so far, and I never had a DSLR camera on those trips, so I'm looking forward to taking some better pictures this time round. I've never been without my family for such a long time, so thankfully my sister is joining me for the first four months of my journey. I may also do some teaching english as a second language while overseas, if not just observing other cultures' educational techniques.

I love immersing mysef in a new culture and can't wait to see all the things I have planned as well as discover thigns I have never heard f before. The downside is I'm a vey picky eater! HOpefully that will change over this year, and I look forward to trying lots of local delicasies... even considering trying crickets in Cambodia! We'll see how I go eh?

I'm also a part of the 'alternative' culture, some of which included goth and punk. I don't define myself by any one thing though, I like playing around with ideas a lot. I dont have lots of tattoos or piercings but I have a bright purple fringe. I'm a little curious as to how that will go down in some of the more traditional countries I'm visiting. I also look forward to exploring some of the gothic or alternative subcultures of the countries I travel to, so there may be a fair few posts about concerts, or clubs etc.

Not really sure what to do with a blog, as I've never had one before, but hopefully I'll get better at writing in an interesting way as my trip progresses!

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