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Who's gonna mess with THIS group!

Who's gonna mess with THIS group!

Welcome to the "Go Guatemala" Team Blog!  It is here that you will be able to follow our journey, add comments and be a distant witness to all that we are experiencing. 

As we prepare to leave on this journey, there is a part of us that is undoubtedly aware that we will become changed.  It is through seeing the world, meeting its people and being gently stretched from what was formerly known as our comfort zone, that we begin to know our worth, our blessings and our incredible potentials.  When we see all that is outside of our individual realities, we begin to understand all that is truly possible for ourselves, our futures and our communities.

It was almost 4 months ago that I, Audra, was gifted the opportunity to take a handful of my students from West Hight School, overseas to Guatemala for a cultural exchange and service project. Having recently returned from a long term international experience myself, I know that I am privileged to bear witness to the struggles, skills, dreams, vulnerabilities and gifts that only an experience like this can stimulate within these young people.

Youth who have often survived experiences and situations far beyond their young minds and souls were prepared for, this trip has the potential to afford them "peak experiences" that will open the doors to their hearts; creating young leaders who not only begin to realize their dreams but more importantly have the knowledge and abilities to transfer these dreams into their future realities.

Please meet our young leaders...


Hey there, my name is Alejandro Caraveo. I’m currently 14 years old and I live in Denver, CO. I’m planning to go on a trip with some of my fellow students from West High School. The trip is to Guatemala. While we are there we are going to help renovate a library and experience the life of the developing country. We will also help out the community by volunteering as much as possible. What I want to get out of this is to learn that life isn’t easy in some parts of the world, learn how they suffer and learn about their cultures and their norms. I hope my trip will not only change my life, but all the people that I experienced the trip with.


My name is Jurreall Wordworth.  I am from Denver, Colorado and I am 15 years old.  I go to West High School.  I enjoy playing football more than anything and want to be in the NFL someday.  I got the chance to go to Guatemala and I took advantage of this opportunity.  I am going to stay in Guatemala for 12 days and help build a library and live the life of the Guatemalan culture.  We will also be hiking up a volcano and visiting hot springs!  It will be GREAT!!!!  I hope to learn a lot during this trip about the culture and the way that the Guatemalans live everyday. 


Hi, My name is Michael Strong.  I am a young Hispanic man.  Something about me is that if you know me, you would know that I've struggled with a lot of things, such as school, anger and just talking to people.  I've come a long way from where I was.  For example, now I know that I am going to graduate, I am no longer affiliated with gangs and now people call me a social butterfly!  It took a lot of hard work.  Going on this trip will give me a whole different outlook on life.  I am hoping to accomplish things such as making friendships and just learning about the different cultures that they have down there....

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Thank you for taking the time to support this team and all those who we hope to be impacted by.

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