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Young Filipino Mountaineer and Filmmaker

Mt. Bulusan Volcano Climb

Philippines | Friday, 11 January 2013 | 5 photos

I always enjoyed those summer vacations when my family would bring us siblings to places we have never been before. I grew up in a small rural town where there's not much to see, so unknown places always got me excited. It was only when I started to gain a sense of the world that I realized that the places we have been to are just a speck of the big world out there. Since then, I have been climbing mountains here in our country (I have climbed 4 out of the 5 highest). I also got interested in skin-diving and even founded an organization for it inside our university. Now I aspire to dream bigger and get the chance to see places outside of my country. Also, one of my favorite things in the world is to document the places I have been to. It is a dream to show the pictures and videos of the places I have been to my future children and grandchildren so I can instill in them the spirit of discovery and adventure. I am now studying in a film school and aspire to be a travel videographer and photographer. Since before, to see what I thought I can never see, to do what I thought I can never do, and to be what I thought I can never become is why I love travelling and am taking this chance.

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