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A twinkle in life

My Scholarship entry - A life of chaos, surrounded by hope.

Haiti | Sunday, 2 November 2014 | 5 photos

I don't have commitments, I don't have big worries. It's easy for me to get up and leave. I'm a 23 year young adult who is looking for life to capture. I'm not capturing moments of life to entertain a viewer but in hopes to open a viewers eyes. One can do many things with a camera, but it really takes an eye to be able to catch life in an image. Many people capture images of what they see, not what makes that moment what it is. I'm a committed young adult who is wanting to take step in the right direction and capture life before it's gone. Life is short and the feeling around us is shorter, but if I can show the world a different point of view than just the one they see in front of them, then maybe a twinkle in someone eye will see what life really has to offer. I am willing to do anything that would get that shot that will not only make you see the beauty in this world we live in, but also to give you that moment that can actually leave you breathless. Very few moments can take your breath away, but I strongly feel that I can capture those moments, whether it's on a simple country drive in the small town of Salem OR, or the beautiful country of Peru.

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