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Travelling, roughed up and only 19

About giuliatravelsat19

My name is Giulia and i am 19. I come from Italy and moved to Canada 5 years ago. My parents owned a restaurant in the mountains of Tuscany and ever since i was young instilled in me a need for travel. When i was 16 i took my first solo trip and decided to discover Prague and Vienna and by the time i was 17 i moved to Israel by my self to live there for a year and from there traveled to Jordan and what ever near by countries i could. I am now in school studying Peace and Conflict Studies and International Development and write on the side. I love to write about my travel adventures because not only does it record you experiences but when writing while you live the experience you remember feelings and are able to convey those feelings to readers.I stand for life and happiness, i stand for doing what your gut tells you and for learning new things every day. I stand for empathy and compassion and most of all i stand on my own two feet and explore the wonders of the world.

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