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My Scholarship entry - Quiet: Views of Utrecht

Netherlands | Friday, 24 October 2014 | 5 photos

I've recently given up on being stagnant and stationary. I quit my job, saved a few bucks, and moved to the Netherlands. I'm completely free and open to world travel. I wanted to be a photographer since I was a boy. I bought my first Leica at aged 12 for $200, deducted from paper route earnings, from my father. It was maybe 6 months till my little brother broke it. I never replaced it and I've recently realized my fondness and my eye for taking a good photograph.

I would love to visit the Amazon, immerse myself in the beauty and culture, and take some amazing photographs. Nothing scares me, and there is no adventure, no climb, no walk, no animal, no crowd, that would stop me from getting my picture. Let's make photographic history.

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