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Photos: Peru

PERU | Thursday, 29 Jul 2010 | Photo Gallery

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Highlights from Peru

PERU | Wednesday, 28 Jul 2010 | Views [527]

So it turns out writing blogs whilst having the time of your life is extremely difficult. I could barely find time to breathe let alone write down my adventures! So, now I am bored back in the UK here goes... 3 weeks wasn't enough time to get ... Read more >

Bariloche, Patagonia

ARGENTINA | Monday, 31 May 2010 | Views [783] | Comments [2]

I awoke on the bus to the sound of the conductor giving out our morning coffee and alfajores. I glanced out of the window and had to rub my eyes; in front of me was the most magnificent scenery I'd seen so far. Absolutely gorgeous!! I listened to ... Read more >

Puerto Madryn, Patagonia

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 16 May 2010 | Views [473] | Comments [2]

Well I was extremely behind on my posts, so here is the next installment already! I am now in Bariloche, so I need to tell you all about my few days in Puerto Madryn. :) I arrived there at 3.30pm, one and a half hours later than I was supposed to.... Read more >

My last two weeks in Buenos Aires!

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 11 May 2010 | Views [431] | Comments [1]

Hi everyone! Thank you for reading these things and for all the comments. Glad you like them! :) Well I've had a very busy few weeks. I am currently in Puerto Madryn, Patagonia and figuring out my next move! I'm having a great time out here. I'll ... Read more >

Couchsurfing, Uruguay and more!

ARGENTINA | Monday, 26 Apr 2010 | Views [668] | Comments [5]

Hello all! I'm writing this from my new couch, my second couch ever! I'll start from where I left off last time... So I have had Spanish classes for ... Read more >

more from BA!

ARGENTINA | Monday, 12 Apr 2010 | Views [667] | Comments [8]

So I don't think my steak the other night was as good as they can be here. I will continue my search for "the best steak in the world", which is apparently here somewhere! I did have a great night though. I had lots of wine and beer and danced ... Read more >

Adventures of a wee lass in a very big Buenos Aires...

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 10 Apr 2010 | Views [734] | Comments [3]

Well, I´ve finally got round to writing something. This is my first blog story ever and I´ve not really read many from other people, so if this is incoherent then many apologies! I´m using this mainly so that you guys back home can keep tabs on my whereabouts ... Read more >

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