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Malawi | Saturday, 12 January 2013 | 5 photos

South Africa, a vast diversity of beautiful places, scenery, people and culture. This has always inspired me. My passion is to use photo's to share beautiful and interesting places and cultures with the rest of the world, and to inspire people to get out and live life and to appreciate the beauty around them, whether that be mystical mountain ranges, or the intricate and perfect detail of a delicate flower.
Photography has opened my eyes to my surroundings. Because I am constantly looking for beautiful things to capture, it is always a positive experience for me. Being someone who appreciates the uniqueness of different cultures I would love to use photographic stories to teach the world to appreciate and learn from each other. Striving for better photo's drives me to get out and experience life to the full, and being self motivated and hardworking I will endure any conditions for that perfect shot.
If you are looking someone with passion for capturing the uniqueness of a place and culture, someone dedicated, energetic and always excited for a new adventure, give me the opportunity to prove myself to you. Being selected for this incredible opportunity would be a dream come true.

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